National Costume・Creative Catwalk Group (Grup Catwalk Kreatif Kostum Tradisional)  The 2nd "SINTA Cup" Singing Talent Competition

Registration starts now and ends at 18:00 on July 5th


Slide to the bottom, click sign up, remember to register as a website member first!   1. Please slide to the bottom "Click to register Sign up" to register as a website member!

2. Click here
enter the google form to write your information, and choose the sessions you want to participate in. 3. After completing both, the registration is successful! 4. Remember that there are sessions with fees. Please go to the library to pay the fee three days before the event start, only when you finish the payment then your register is completed.

Registration requires an activity fee of 200 yuan, and you can redeem a 200 yuan park tour coupon at the registration office on 8/13!(Registration is completed upon completion of the transfer)

Remittance Information :When remittance, please be sure to indicate the participant’s name and entry in the remarks column, and email the last five digits of the remittance account number. 
Cooperative Bank (006) nomor rekening:1726-898-000031

Regardless of age, it is mainly based on a joyful and positive form, accompanied by Indonesian music.



All countries and ethnic costumes are welcome to participate!

Please take photos of the national costumes on the catwalk, full-body photos, click on the registration form to upload, and the registration is complete. (file size should not exceed 1GB)

Semua orang dari semua negara dipersilakan untuk berpartisipasi mengenakan pakaian tradisional asal negaranya masing masing

Mendaftar mengupload foto dengan kostum pakaian adat tradisionalnya, foto seluruh tubuh, dan upload file foto. (ukuran file tidak boleh melebihi 1GB)

finalist announcement

The finalists will be selected by the judges, and the finalists will be announced before 12:00 noon on 7/15 (Facebook),


Finalis akan dipilih oleh juri, akan diumumkan sebelum pukul 12:00 siang pada tanggal 30 Juli 2023 di facebook, dan mereka akan diberitahukan melalui email untuk mengikuti final pada sore hari tanggal 13 Agustus.

10 finalists will be choosen


Participate in the competition on the main stage from 11:15 to 12:00 am on August 13. Each contestant needs to complete all makeup before going on stage (there is a tent for changing clothes on site)!

At 3:30 p.m., the competition results, comments and awards will be announced.

On August 13th at 11:15-12:00 it will be held on stage,

(there will be a tent to change clothes)

at 15:30 the jury committee will announce the winner, runner-up and third runner-up. up, including outstanding works, and a certificate of participation.

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competition detailDetails

GICA Office:04-22295461 李專員

掃描 Scan Official Line@:https://lin.ee/qEI8T08 




走秀組 第二屆SINTA盃歌唱才藝競賽 印尼78週年獨立建國紀念日 台中公園 臺中市國際關懷印尼協會 Grup Catwalk Kreatif Kostum Tradisional SINTA Cup Season Ke-2 Merayakan Hari Kemerdekaan Indonesia Ke-78 Global Indonesia Care Association Taman Taichung GICA
Event Subtitle: 藉由慶祝印尼國慶日,舉辦「中臺灣印尼之聲」第二屆SINTA盃歌唱才藝競賽,鼓勵在台印尼朋友可以學習華語流行歌曲,也唱出自己印尼家鄉的歌曲;讓印尼朋友的美聲和才藝,在台灣社會被聽見、被看見。 Dalam rangka memperingati Hari Nasional Indonesia, diadakan kompetisi menyanyi SINTA untuk mengajak teman-teman Indonesia yang sedang berada di Taiwan untuk mempelajari lagu-lagu populer di Taiwan dan menyanyikan lagu-lagu dari kampung halamannya Indonesia, agar suara mereka dapat terdengar dan terlihat oleh masyarakat Taiwan.
Event date:
Event time:
AM08:00 - PM16:00
Register date:
2023/05/01 AM09:00 -
2023/07/22 AM03:00
Offline Loc.: 北雙十路一段65號(台中公園 Taman Taichung)
Event Note: 8/13當天可以至報到處兌換200元園遊卷!Tanggal 8/13 bisa ke tempat pendaftaran untuk menukarkan voucher sebesar NTD200
Event Quota: 30
Event Price: Free
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